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After building flutes for a number of years now, I sneeze sawdust, and it scares my cat. That being said, it is however an absolute drop dead, no joke passion for me. When I'm not eating sawdust, I'm searching the entire planet for the most beautiful, exotic/bizarre woods, and gemstones I can find. I plow every dime back into purchasing these items, in addition to a few margarita supplies....... I don't follow, or pretend to understand a lot of the cardinal rules of flutemaking, and the end product seems to indicate I'm better off for it. PLUS, I continue to make great friends on a daily basis, most of whom possess humbling talent. ...Ya won't find that working at a carwash, even if it does pay better.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

First of all, I wanted to let you flute fanatics know that I'm dragging 4-5 of my flutes off the website, and taking them to the Zion Flute Festival, starting Oct 13th. They're still available until the 11th, when I leave town, but with my limited computer skills, Its easier to zero out the price, so it defaults to "Email for price" than it is to make it completely disappear from the site. ....only to re-submit everything again later. ...............................too much information again.
Mark Slater of the flutecase store, and the flute addict's website, as well as a number of other luminaries, have been telling me for months, that I have to participate in at least ONE event like I chose this because of its location and plus I get to pass through Las Vegas enroute to Zion. I bought a 10x10 tent/canopy thing for this, and I fully intend using it when I get home. Specifically, I'm going to set it up in my driveway, and sell lemonade.

Welcome. This is the official blog of Rich Halliburton, maker of Native American style flutes. Visit my main website at . At some point, I may have to modify the descriptor, as I'm starting to fiddle with creating alternate tunings.... specifically Diatonic and Middle Eastern Maqam melodic scales. .....too much information huh.