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After building flutes for a number of years now, I sneeze sawdust, and it scares my cat. That being said, it is however an absolute drop dead, no joke passion for me. When I'm not eating sawdust, I'm searching the entire planet for the most beautiful, exotic/bizarre woods, and gemstones I can find. I plow every dime back into purchasing these items, in addition to a few margarita supplies....... I don't follow, or pretend to understand a lot of the cardinal rules of flutemaking, and the end product seems to indicate I'm better off for it. PLUS, I continue to make great friends on a daily basis, most of whom possess humbling talent. ...Ya won't find that working at a carwash, even if it does pay better.

Friday, October 15, 2021


So Peruvian huangana negra is the material used for this G#m instrument, as it remains one of my favorite tone woods, I continue to be the only builder on earth using this material, and it is not the most cooperative in terms of its willingness to become a flute. The fetish block is not a bird. It is a theme I dreamed up years ago, entitled “Fight or Flight” wherein one horse is willing to charge into battle, while the other, head lowered, runs from conflict. It is a perfect example of why I continue to prefer carving birds. Additional materials include Australian boulder opal, Mexican fire opal, Mexican crazy lace agate, spiny oyster, hematite, African garnet, rainbow topaz, turquoise, and abalone. Additional woods include SE Asian thuya burl, box elder burl, yew, mappa burl, quilted maple and Hawaiian koa. I encourage you to visit my website, to see exact dimensions of these native American style flutes. You will see a detailed accounting of materials, their placement, and be able to listen to a sound file of each posted instrument. Perhaps you will want to make a purchase. I encourage your comments and concerns… Play nice, and continue to play safe.


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