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After building flutes for a number of years now, I sneeze sawdust, and it scares my cat. That being said, it is however an absolute drop dead, no joke passion for me. When I'm not eating sawdust, I'm searching the entire planet for the most beautiful, exotic/bizarre woods, and gemstones I can find. I plow every dime back into purchasing these items, in addition to a few margarita supplies....... I don't follow, or pretend to understand a lot of the cardinal rules of flutemaking, and the end product seems to indicate I'm better off for it. PLUS, I continue to make great friends on a daily basis, most of whom possess humbling talent. ...Ya won't find that working at a carwash, even if it does pay better.

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Never throw out what you perceive to be failed efforts……

 During the build of my recently posted 3 piece instrument, back in 2011, I had some initial success that prompted initiating a second build a few months later. I was wrong. Five years later, I smashed the Gm barrel earmarked for this instrument, all out of frustration. This flute is therefore just a backpacking flute wherein the overall length is reduced from 22-1/4 inches, by about 8-1/4 inches simply by removing the headstock. The flute will no longer look like a billy club or shotgun sticking out the top of your backpack…..For flute builders, or any instrument builders for that matter, When you perceive your project to be a failure, Just park it, until your skill set, vision, and different materials become available to you…..steps off soapbox.

Built from Alowood. Specifically, plantation grown New Zealand radiata pine, wherein the soft wood was hardened by high pressure blowing of colored starch, completely through the material. The material is no longer available anywhere on earth. Additional materials include Dyed/ stabilized box elder burl, tiger sycamore, Gabon ebony, paua abalone, rainbow topaz, Ethiopian opal doublet, Queensland AU boulder opal, hematite, turquoise, and crushed AZ malachite. Stay healthy, and enjoy the day.


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